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"History tells us that there are no great women composers. Full stop. It's not just history which tells us this. Look at the programmes of the symphony, any symphony. Look no farther than your radio. There are no great women composers. I want to say it's an open debate. There are no great women composers according to whom, and for whom? But, then, what is there to debate? They aren't there. There is a habit of thinking that history will prove the greatness of something. Time will tell. But who is doing the telling? Who is keeping, preserving, writing about, and performing the music? History has been HIS story." From Linda Catlin Smith's Composing Identity: What is a woman composer?

databases, lists, bibliographies and other resources

  • the kapralova society journal | women in music journal published by the kapralova society
  • the woman composer question | bibliography by eugene gates
  • women conductors | bibliography by karla hartl
  • women in music online | list of recommended resources by the kapralova society
  • women's music | recordings reviewed by karla hartl
  • women composers of classical music | database by the kapralova society
  • women composers of electroacoustic and experimental music, jazz and fusion, music for the stage and screen | list by the kapralova society
  • american women composers of choral music list | by gregg d. cannady et al.
  • american women composers of choral music article | by gregg d.cannady
  • contemporary american women composers of choral music | article (part I) by jennifer kelly
  • contemporary american women composers of choral music | article (part 2) by jennifer kelly
  • iberoamerican and spanish women composers | database by cecilia piņero gil (a project of musicologia feminista)
  • czech women composers | database by karla hartl
  • women conductors | database by karla hartl

    portraits of selected women composers


  • fanny mendelssohn hensel
  • clara wieck schumann
  • agathe backer grondahl
  • ethel smyth: and english opera; and sexual aesthetics
  • amy beach
  • vitezslava kapralova


  • kathryn mishell
  • olga jezkova
  • hudbaby (musicrones)

    portraits of selected women conductors

  • odaline de la martinez
  • carmen moral
  • miriam nemcova
  • laurence equilbey
  • maria segura-thijssen

    portraits of other women in music

  • emmy destinn
  • dame vera lynn