Czech Music in Exile

Zajicek with Kubelik
With Rafael Kubelik

Zajicek with Firkusny and Jirak
With Rudolf Firkusny and K.B.Jirak

Jeronym Zajicek

was born on November 10, 1926, in Krasne Brezno, Czechoslovakia. During 1946-1949, he studied musicology at Charles University in Prague and privately orchestration and conducting with Otakar Jeremias. In 1949, he left his native Czechoslovakia and for the next several years (1950-1952) he worked as music program director of the Czechoslovak Section of Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany. In 1952, Zajicek immigrated to the United States and in 1958 he became American citizen. In the US, he continued his music education with Karel Boleslav Jirak, first privately (1952-1955) and later at the Roosevelt University in Chicago (1955-1958). He completed his composition studies under Paul Pisk (1959-1960). From 1964-1996, Zajicek taught composition and conducting at the Loop College, Chicago. In 1998, he received honorary citizenship from the City of Hrochuv Tynec. Jeronym Zajicek died on October 5, 2007, at Lyons, Illinois.

Selected works

Variations for Piano (1956-57)

Chamber music
Piano Trio (1957)
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano* (1957)
Sonata for Violin and Piano* (1961)
String Quartet* (1962-63)
Sonatina for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon or Violoncello* (1966-1967)
Cello Sonata (1975)

Orchestral music
Sinfonietta for Large Orchestra (1958)
Concertino for Flute and String Orchestra (1963-64)
Intrada and Processionale for brass, timpani and organ (1970)

Vocal music
Czech Nursery Rhymes*
Pater Noster for mixed chorus* (1990)
Twenty Czech Carols* (2000)
Twenty Moravian Carols for four part children's chorus (2002)*

* Published by Alliance Publications, USA.