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films and videos

ANTONIA: A PORTRAIT OF THE WOMAN. A Documentary on Antonia Brico by Judy Collins and Jill Godmillow (1974)


HER DREAM JOB (2006). (Watch at the Goethe Institute website)
In this segment, three female conductors talk about their work: Simon Young, the General Manager and Music Director of the Hamburg State Opera as well as Music Director of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra; Catherine Rückwardt, the General Director of Music at the City Theatre of Mainz; and Shi-Yeon Sung, a student of conducting at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin.

A WOMAN IS A RISKY BET - six orchestra conductors (1987)
Original Swedish Title: Dirigenterna
Language: Swedish, English, Norwegian and Russian
Genre: drama (feature/documentary)
Duration: 80 min
Director and Scriptwriter: Christina Olofson
Featured conductors: Kerstin Nerbe, Victoria Bond, JoAnn Falletta, Veronika Dudarova, Ortrud Mann, and Camilla Kolchinsky.
Distributor: Telepicture Marketing Ltd

COLLECTION of youtube videoclips of performances by women conductors: Marin Alsop, Susanna Mälkki, Natalia Luis-Bassa, Anu Tali, Sian Edwards, Simone Young, and JoAnn Falletta.

Select performances:

Han-Na Chang's passionate performance of Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony - not to be missed!
Marin Alsop's energetic performance of John Adams's Short Ride in a Fast Machine
Nazanin Aghakhani's expressive reading of Stravinsky's Firebird
Marzena Diakun's clear and fluent gestures in Brahms's Academic Ouverture - a joy to watch!

Women Conductors by Quinn Mason

books and chapters of books

blankenburg Elke Mascha Blankenburg: Dirigentinnen im 20. Jahrhundert. Porträts von Marin Alsop bis Simone Young.
Women Conductors in the 20th-Century. From Marin Alsop to Simone Young.

Publisher's contact information:
Europäische Verlagsanstalt. Bei den Muhren 70, D-20457 Hamburg

frau und musik Europäischer Dirigentinnen Reader
European Women Conductors Reader

Publisher's contact details:
Archiv Frau und Musik
Fürstenbergerstrasse 221, D-60323 Frankfurt a.M.

unsung Rachwal, Maria Noriega. From Kitchen to Carnegie Hall: Ethel Stark and the Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra. Toronto: Second Story Press, 2015.

Available from amazon.com

unsung Christine Ammer: History of Women in American Music
Amadeus Press, 2001
The 2nd, "century" edition

Relevant chapters:
Opera Composers and Conductors
Today's Orchestras, Conductors, and Instrumentalists

Available from amazon.com

conducting companion
Women on the Podium | Michele Edwards, in: José Bowen, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Conducting, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2003), 220-36.


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I love diversity. Interview with conductor Eva Meitner. Kapralova Society Journal 15, no. 1 (Spring 2017): 6-9.


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